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What are Huxley's views on religion?

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Aldous Huxley had what could be considered a very nuanced view of religion, neither summarily rejecting it in the manner of an atheist nor necessarily subscribing to it as a matter of faith. In the thirty years between the publication of his best-known work, Brave New World, and the publication of Island, Huxley’s views on religion had become more accepting of the concept of religious thought, irrespective of his personal beliefs regarding the existence of a divine being responsible for the universe and all within it. To Huxley, religious beliefs were as natural and inevitable a condition of human evolution as the natural inclinations of all species to take those measures necessary to survive both physically and spiritually. Whereas the author’s approach to religion in Brave New World was somewhat Marxist-Leninist in its view of religion as a veritable opioid of the masses, something developed to explain the otherwise inexplainable, his thoughts on the subject became more accepting in...

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