What are good examples of both physical and emotional pains in the book?

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As part of Jonas's Assignment, he is required to experience painful, traumatic memories and is prohibited from taking any medication to relieve pain that is related to his training. One of the primary examples of emotional pain takes place after Rosemary commits suicide. Ten years before Jonas was selected to be the community's Receiver of Memory, Rosemary could not endure the emotional toll of receiving memories of isolation, loss, and loneliness during her training sessions. Eventually, Rosemary requested to be released and committed suicide. Once Rosemary died, her traumatic memories were released into the community, and the citizens experienced severe emotional pain.

During Jonas's training sessions, he also experiences emotional pain when he receives the memories of a poacher killing a defenseless elephant and a young soldier dying on a bloody battlefield.

In addition to receiving emotionally painful memories, Jonas also experiences physical pain during his training sessions. The Giver transmits the painful memory of sunburn to Jonas and also gives him the memory of severely breaking his leg during a sledding accident. Jonas also receives the physically painful memory of being wounded on a battlefield as he experiences the horrors of war. Another physically painful memory that Jonas receives is the agony of hunger and starvation.

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