What are four decisions that have to be made in the story?

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The first decision that needs to be made is by the semi-barbaric king. The king must decide whether or not to send the young courtier in love with his daughter into the arena. After the king decides to use his unique system of justice to either punish or reward the courtier, his attendants must pick a beautiful maiden for him to potentially marry if he chooses the correct door. The maiden must be specifically chosen for the accused man and match his physical beauty.

As the courtier stands in the middle of the arena, he must decide what door to choose. He then looks towards the princess and waits for her instructions. The most significant decision in the story belongs to the princess. The princess must decide what door to direct her lover towards. The princess is forced to decide between directing her lover to the door with the tiger behind it, which will instantly kill him, or towards the door with the beautiful maiden. This decision is difficult because the jealous, semi-barbaric princess does not wish to see her lover with the beautiful maiden. Since the story is open-ended, the reader must determine what decision the princess made.

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