What are five major conflicts in A Long Walk To Water and why?

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In A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Parker, the reader follows the stories of two Sudanese children who live twenty-five years apart and who both face external and internal conflicts.

Because of the Sudanese Civil War, both of the protagonists face daily conflicts with the world around them.

1. Salva is on a trek to find his family, from whom he is separated because of the civil war. He faces external conflicts daily as he struggles to find food and stay safe from rebels, lions, and other forces of nature.

2. As part of Salva's journey, he also struggles internally with losing family members and friends along the way, and keeping hope that he will one day be reunited with his lost family.

3. Even after Salva moves to the US, his conflicts continue, as he must find his place in his new world and begin college. He learns to adapt to his new surroundings and life.

4. Nya is the other protagonist , and she also faces conflicts within the story. Like Salva, she battles external elements as she...

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