What are five examples of hopelessness and death and five examples of hope and life in chapters 6-9 of Night?

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As with much of Night, it is not hard to find examples of hopelessness and death.

In chapter 6, the prisoners are forced to run through the snow by their Nazi captors. A Polish prisoner named Zalman who Elie has spoken with in the past suddenly gets severe stomach cramps and can run no longer. He collapses, then dies while being trampled by the other prisoners. Elie admits that even though he was encouraging Zalman to continue moments ago, he quickly stopped thinking about him and focused once again on himself.

Another grim facet of this march is how many sons abandon their fathers. Elie points out that no one says Kaddish over these corpses and that everyone seems to be letting go of familial loyalty in their quest for self-preservation.

At the beginning of chapter 7, Elie notes that the prisoners are beginning to lose hope of rescue from the Allied forces. He claims their minds are "numb with indifference" and that they are slowly starting to resign themselves to either freezing to...

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