What are examples of three different types of literary devices in chapters 10, 11, and 12 of All Quiet on the Western Front?

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Albert and I find a mahogany bed which can be taken to pieces with a sky of blue silk and a lace coverlet. We sweat like monkeys moving it in, but a man cannot let a thing like that slip, and it would certainly be shot to pieces in a day or two. (Chapter 10)

In this first quotation from Chapter 10, the author uses a simile when he describes him and his friends sweating "like monkeys." There is also a recurring motif of animalistic imagery throughout the text, which emphasizes the idea that war is dehumanizing. Earlier in the novel, in chapter 4, the narrator refers to the soldiers as "human animals." And in chapter 7, he says that the soldiers "turn into animals when (they) go up to the line."

On one side the supply dump has been ripped open. In spite of all the flying fragments, the drivers of the munition columns pour in like a swarm of bees and pounce on the bread. (Chapter 10)

In this second quotation from Chapter 10, the author uses alliteration of the phrase "flying fragments" to emphasize...

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