What are examples of metaphors and similes in chapter 3 in All Quiet on the Western Front?

Examples of similes in chapter 3 include Paul's description of Haie Westhus's arm as "like a signal-mast" and his hand as "like a coal-shovel," Baumer's description of the airplane as falling "like a comet," and Kropp's comment that war should be "like a bull fight." Examples of metaphors include Kat's statement that the peasant soldier has been "put through the mill" and Paul's description of how Kat "paints" a picture for the men in words.

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Similes and metaphors are two kinds of comparisons; both are made between unlike things for effect. A simile uses “like” or “as,” while a metaphor is a direct comparison. Chapter 3 is concerned with the soldiers’ experiences in a new, inhospitable temporary camp. Paul presents Katczinsky as being impressively resourceful in obtaining food and supplies. He also details a group act of revenge that the men carry out against the brutal corporal Himmelstoss, who routinely brutalizes the men.

Paul uses several similes in describing the men’s actions in capturing and beating the corporal. To emphasize the size and strength of Haie Westhus, he uses two similes in a row, describing Haie’s powerful arm and hand.

He put himself in position with evident satisfaction, raised his arm like a signal-mast and his hand like a coal-shovel.

Tjaden is one of the men who particularly resents the corporal, who had shamed him and another man who wet their beds. When Tjaden gets his turn to hit...

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