What are examples of different customs and nostalgia that the Al-Menshawy family brought with them from Egypt in In the Language of Miracles? I need at least two quotes and four pieces of textual evidence in the book that show them still using their culture in America.

Quotes and textual evidence that shows the Al-Menshawy family using Egyptian culture in America in In the Language of Miracles include listening to Om Kalthoum, speaking in Arabic, and, in the case of Fatima, adopting the submissive role that Islam commonly assigns to women.

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To find a pair of quotes and four pieces of textual evidence that relate to the Al-Menshawy family using their Egyptian culture in America, think about the parts of Rajia Hassib’s novel In the Language of Miracles that explicitly tackle the link between Egypt and America.

One piece of evidence occurs in chapter 2. Here, the narrator reveals what happened when Samir and Nagla arrived in New York during the 1980s. Samir’s cousin picks them up. In her station wagon, Egyptian music plays. It’s a 1950s song by Om Kalthoum. The presence of an Egyptian singer in New York is one bit of textual evidence that demonstrates that the Al-Menshawy family has not left Egyptian culture behind. A quote that goes along with this evidence might be when Samir comes to the realization that

he could, he was certain, build a life for himself and his family here, while preserving their Egyptian roots.

For a second piece of evidence, consider how Khaled preserves his Egyptian roots. His use of Arabic can be interpreted as using Egyptian culture in America, since Arabic is the dominant language in Egypt. Try to find a specific spot when Khaled uses Arabic. One good place to look is at the beginning of chapter 8 when Khaled attempts to explain to his grandma how his school plans to fix the broken water pipe.

For further examples and quotes, focus on Fatima. Fatima’s commitment to traditional Muslim attitudes could be seen as her using Egyptian culture in America. It’s possible to argue that Fatima has adopted “female submission” out of nostalgia for a world in which her eldest brother didn’t kill his ex-girlfriend and then himself.

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