Edgar Allan Poe Writing Style

What are Edgar Allan Poe's stylistic elements?

The stylistic elements that Poe uses in his stories that really characterize him.

Edgar Allen Poe's stylistic elements include suspense, unreliable narrators, sinister settings, macabre imagery, themes of death and mental illness, a first-person point of view, and compelling atmospheres.

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Stylistically, Edgar Allan Poe's stories and poems are characterized by elements we might now associate with the horror and gothic genres. There is usually suspense, created in part by an unreliable first person narrator, and there is also often a supernatural presence. Poe also often relies on dark, sinister settings, and macabre imagery.

His poem "The Raven " demonstrates most of these stylistic elements. For example, the poem begins "Once upon a midnight dreary," and later we are told that it is set "in the bleak December." There is also a fire which casts ghostly shadows upon the floor. This is a typical Poe setting. It is dark, shadowy and implicitly hopeless. There is also suspense in the poem because we, and also the narrator, don't know why the raven haunts and taunts the narrator. The raven also seems supernatural, and the narrator is convinced that it is a "thing of evil" with eyes that "have all the seeming of a demon's." The poem is also full of macabre imagery. As well as the...

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