What are the disadvantages of computers?

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Computers have become a part of our lives and a large number of people spend more time online than offline. While computers definitely have a large number of benefits, there are several disadvantages as well. With so much personal and financial data now in digital form, our finances and personal lives are always at risk of data theft. A large number of celebrities learned this in 2014 when their personal pictures were released. Apart from security concerns, prolonged exposure to computer screens is not good for eyes or overall growth and development. Computers also use a lot of electricity, generate large amounts of heat, and could be potentially hazardous to our environment, if disposed of inappropriately. A number of other concerns, such as job loss and diminished human interactions, also exist.

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Computers have had a major impact on the current world. They have changed the way everything is done in all sectors, especially communication, education, and manufacturing. However, computers have also brought some major disadvantages to the world. Negative impacts of computers have mainly affected the environment, social life, and the economy. Some of the major disadvantages of computers include.

Data Security and privacy bridge.
Today, most government institutions and private organizations store vital data on computers. The risk of computers being accessed by unauthorized persons is high hence, creating a major security bridge in data storage and privacy. Further, personal data submitted by individuals can also be misused by large corporations to their benefit. For this reason, the UK government has put in place a data protection act of 2018 to help protect internet users. Even so, this is still a major problem globally.

Cyber Crime
Cyber crimes have become common since the dawn of the internet. People use the internet to hack users personal information such as credit cards and steal money from individuals as well as corporations.

Health risks
The use of computers for long hours has been proven to result in health complications. Some types of cancer have been associated with electronic gadgets such as laptops and phones. People also develop complications such as elbow, wrist, and eye injuries due to improper use of computers.

Impact on Environment
There has been a longstanding conflict on the best way to dispose of computer waste. Some governments have opted for the simple option of dumping the waste in the oceans. However, this is not the solution since the waste can still harm marine life. Initiatives such as the green computer are now targeting to find solutions to computer-generated waste and the best way of disposing it.

Other disadvantages include:
-They have led to limited human interactions hence affecting socialization.
-They have led to the loss of employment due to automation.
-They have increased human dependency on computer-based solutions.
- They can turn human beings into robot-like beings due to following similar procedures daily.

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