What are Daphne's traditions in Nation?

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Daphne, who chose this new name for herself after being unfortunately named Ermintrude, grows up in patriarchal English traditions that are very different to those she discovers on the island. At the point when she is shipwrecked, her life has been about learning good manners and growing into a woman who will be able to attract a husband. Of course, this is all blown apart when she finds herself in a new place with an entirely different culture. Ironically, having been taught nothing but how to be proper all her life, when she awakes into a new life she laments, "If only I'd been taught properly." This is because her schooling on how to be a dainty future wife is of no help to her in this new landscape. Once on the island, she must learn different traditions, such as how to deliver children, take care of the elderly, and even dress immodestly for practicality in the heat. Thus, the character of Daphne has two entirely different sets of traditions that she practices during her life, one of conservative propriety and one of freedom and survival.

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