What are around 10 points of chaos around act 4, scene 4 of Hamlet?

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Characters throughout the play make decisions that have unintended consequences because character can neither foresee all repercussions nor accurately predict the actions of others. Chaos seeps in to characters’ methodical plans:
1.Act IV, sc.ii, Hamlet mistakenly kills Polonius thinking it is his uncle and then verbally attacks his mother until the ghost of his father intervenes.
2.Ophelia ends up insane and drowns herself in the river.
3.Claudius’s plans unwittingly end up killing Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. (Act IV, sc. iii)
4.The country is torn apart internally by various deceptions while the outside enemy of Fortinbras advances. (Act IV, sc. iv)
5.The plans of Claudius and Laertes backfire and end in the death of themselves, Gertrude, and Hamlet. (Act V, sc.ii)

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