Differences Between The Outsiders Book And Movie

What are all the differences between the movie and the book The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton?

Differences between the movie and the book versions of The Outsiders include that Sodapop is more developed as a character in the book, that Dallas Winston appears with black hair in the movie when he had blonde hair in the book, and that the geographical divide between the rich Socs and the greasers is between the west and east sides in the book but the north and south sides in the movie.

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Bullgatortail hits the nail on the head when naming the differences here, but I would like to expand upon the one that I thought was the most glaring when first reading the book and watching the movie (and then using the movie to teach the book for many years):  the neglect of the character of Soda.  Let us look at the character of Soda (full nickname of "Sodapop") in the book and then conclude with what we know of him in the film.

As Ponyboy 's big brother, one would think Sodapop Curtis would have received a bigger billing in the film.  Soda is almost seventeen and has dropped out of high school.  Regardless, he is the guardian of the Curtis family and always attempts to make peace.  He is also the most gorgeous of the Curtis brothers.  Sodapop got his nickname because of how happy and cheerful he always is.  He has no need for liquor because he gets drunk on life, especially anything having to do with horses or rodeos.  Sodapop is also a very understanding character who always...

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