What are a few pivotal events from chapters 22–28 of Wuthering Heights that best support Brontë's theme? What is the theme?

In chapters 22–28, Heathcliff manipulates Cathy into marrying his son, Linton, so he may have possession of Thrushcross Grange. The main theme of these chapters is revenge.

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In chapters 22 through 28 of Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff further draws young Cathy into his intricate web of revenge. The pivotal events include when Heathcliff guilts Cathy into visiting his son Linton, claiming he is ill because Cathy suddenly dropped their written correspondence. Cathy and Nelly visit Linton at Wuthering Heights, but when Linton tries to convince Cathy to marry him, she refuses. The two cousins argue over this, but in the coming days, Cathy resumes her visits to Wuthering Heights without letting her father or Nelly know. Eventually, Heathcliff kidnaps Cathy and forces her to marry Linton. Very soon after, Edgar dies, and due to Heathcliff's plotting, Thrushcross Grange ends up in his possession now that Linton and Cathy are married.

Revenge is the main theme emphasized in these chapters. By this point, Heathcliff has become consumed with getting back at everyone who wronged him in his youth. Though Cathy and Linton are innocent of the injustices heaped upon Heathcliff, their connections to Edgar are enough to make them both pawns and victims in Heathcliff's scheme.

Wuthering Heights is largely about the cycle of vengeance. Heathcliff deliberately tries to re-enact his history of victimization on both his persecutors (particularly Hindley) and their children; however, the cycle does not repeat perfectly. The young characters' personalities parallel that of the older generation, but they deviate from them in significant ways. For example, though Linton shares his father's callousness, he is compassionate enough to allow Cathy to see her father before he dies, even though this goes against Heathcliff's wishes and potentially puts him in danger. This foreshadows how Cathy and Hareton will break off the cycle of vengeance when their love for one another overcomes their fear and hatred of Heathcliff.

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