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What are 4 marketable skills in criminal justice, and why is each skill important?

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Like many fields that involve working with social issues and the public, there is a tendency for some to devalue the skills of earning a degree in Criminal Justice, Social Work, Political Science, or fields in the Humanities. It is an inaccurate portrayal to believe Criminal Justice majors have few marketable skills outside of law enforcement or court management.

A Criminal Justice degree involves multiple disciplines. While your concentration may be in criminal justice, the field requires a person to develop knowledge of other areas like law, political science, sociology, education, and psychology. Having a general understanding of more than one field is an advantage in the marketplace. The myth of the marketplace is that everyone needs to be a specialist, and while that may be true in some disciplines, criminal justice is not limited to one subject opening many opportunities. Having a broad knowledge is always an advantage.

Degrees in Criminal Justice require an in-depth understanding of information and data. Research skills are very marketable. The techniques and analytical tools used in criminal science are easily transferable to research in public policy, education, and public administration. Several non-profits are continually searching for graduates with research and research application skills. Multi-national corporations need people who can find solutions to problems based on quantitative and qualitative research. Criminal Justice majors are trained in both types of research.

Criminal Justice majors develop the most essential and most in-demand skill the market place needs: critical thinking. Corporations and government are in a deficit of people who can identify problems and solve them. Thoughtful decision-making, particularly in the areas of public policy or corporate policy, is critical to the function of an organization. Criminal justice majors are taught to consider multiple solutions to a problem and then, with sufficient data, act to resolve the issue.

People who choose Criminal Justice as a major in general are interested in the welfare of people. They have positive attitudes, outgoing, and care about other people's lives. They are empathetic problem-solvers. The final marketable skill is the ability to influence people in positive ways. Criminal Justice majors are frequent targets for companies looking to expand their market share through sales. Having an interest in people is a prerequisite to be successful in any field that requires interacting with people.