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by William Shakespeare

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What are 4 examples of dramatic foils in Romeo and Juliet, acts 3-5?

Four dramatic foils in acts 3-5 of Romeo and Juliet include Paris and Romeo, Romeo and Mercutio, Romeo and Friar Lawrence, and the Nurse and Lady Capulet.

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Here are some character foils that stand out to me in those acts.

Paris and Romeo: Paris isn't exactly a romantic, and he doesn't even try to win Juliet's favor directly. Instead, he works through her parents (particularly Juliet's father), and he seems rather calculating in his efforts to marry well via Juliet. In act 3, scene 4, he tells Lord Capulet that "these times of woe afford no time to woo" (III.iv.8), but Romeo seems to find plenty of time to "woo" his beautiful Juliet. In contrast, Romeo doesn't care what the Capulet family thinks of him, and he wholeheartedly seeks Juliet's favor from the moment he sees her. Romeo's love feels over-the-top in adoration of Juliet, and Paris seems to be making an advantageous societal move.

Romeo and Mercutio: These two friends seem to be on constantly opposing ends of the emotional spectrum. Early in the play, Romeo is the solemn and serious friend; Mercutio is the bawdy and free spirited one. Yet in act 3, scene 1, the two switch places. When Tybalt...

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afowler4 | Student
  • Tybalt can be referred to as a Dramatic Foil for Benvolio. Through Tybalt's aggressive attitude, we see the peaceful manner of Benvolio.
  • Mercutio is outgoing and easy-going as well. Romeo is in love and not as outgoing. When Romeo is interacting with Mercutio you easily notice Romeo's seriousness.
  • The nurse is blunt, a mother to Juliet and concerned only with the happiness and safety of the girl. By her motherly love for Juliet, we are made more aware of Romeo's passionate love for her.

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