What are 3 times Piper is being an emotional bully in Al Capone Does My Shirts?

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Al Capone Does My Shirts, written by Gennifer Choldenko, is a great piece of children's literature. In this novel, a group of children living on the island of Alcatraz become determined to meet Al Capone.

One of these children is the warden's daughter, Piper Williams. Piper is not the nicest person on the island. In fact, she is somewhat of an emotional bully. One example of how Piper is a bully can be seen in all of the crazy schemes she devises. Most of these schemes involve breaking rules (such as not talking with or about the prisoners on the island). By encouraging her friends to be involved in these schemes, Piper is emotionally affecting her friends.

Another time she is a bully is when Moose, another character, asks her for help on a project. Piper puts him down and says, "why should I help you?" Piper does not care about her friends and treats them poorly unless it will benefit her in some way.

A third way Piper is a bully is when the children get caught during one of Piper's schemes and she instead shifts the blame to other children. By doing this, her father only gets mad at the other kids while she sustains her false innocence. After this, Piper disappears to go live with her grandmother.

Overall, Piper is someone who pushes blame to others, will not help when asked, invites herself to birthday parties, and encourages bad behavior. She is not a nice friend: she is a bully.

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