Illustration of Buck in the snow with mountains in the background

The Call of the Wild

by Jack London

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What are 3 questions for each chapter 6 and 7 that you have to think for and just always find in the text?  

Expert Answers

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Here are a few questions for each chapter.

For Chapter 6:

  1. Why is this chapter entitled "For the Love of a Man?"
  2. Was it right for Thornton to order Buck to jump off the cliff?
  3. Why is Buck getting to be more and more drawn to the call of the wild?

For Chapter 7:

  1. Why did Buck enjoy the trip to look for the mine so much?
  2. How can we tell that hardly any people have ever been in the area where Thornton and the dogs are?
  3. What things show that Buck is getting ready to leave human society and become wild?

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