What are 3 examples of irony in act 4 of The Crucible?

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Irony is when an event turns out to be the opposite of what one would usually expect.

For example, in Act IV, Reverend Hale encourages Goody Proctor to lie to avoid being executed. Considering how the Puritans preach against sin and view willful wrongdoing as a one-way trip to hell, that a reverend should encourage people to lie to save their earthly lives is deeply ironic. It also shows how far from righteous the political and religious system in Salem has become.

Another example of irony is in Proctor's redemption. Proctor is an adulterer, the greatest sinner of anyone in the scene. And yet, he chooses to be wrongfully executed so his children will not be shamed by having a coward for a father and will receive their proper inheritance. In the simplistic world of the Puritans of the play, this might be even more ironic than for the audience, since such redemption in some ways goes against what they would expect.

An example of verbal irony is when Danforth claims that Elizabeth, not...

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