What are 3 examples of how is Rufus kind and caring and 3 examples of how Rufus is cruel in Kindred? Please include page numbers.

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Rufus is a rounded character that offers Kindred readers a lot of complexity. One reason for this complexity is because he is both caring towards characters such as Dana and Alice but also relentlessly cruel towards them.

When we look at his caring nature, much of it is illustrated throughout his youth.

  • Early in the novel, in chapter 2 of "The Fire," a young Rufus goes out of his way to help Dana get to Alice's house and help her stay out of trouble. With a sense of urgency, he grips Dana's arm and tells her that she has to address him formally. However, he doesn't do it out of arrogance but rather because "you'll get into trouble if you don't. If Daddy hears." As he helps her escape to Alice's house, Dana notes that "he seemed excited and pleased." These two moments show that Rufus does care about other people and wishes to help them.
  • Rufus also demonstrates his caring nature in chapter 5 of "The Fall." Throughout this section of the novel, Rufus requests that Dana read to him. At first,...

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