What are are two personality traits and three physical traits for The Mckees and Catherine in Chapter 2 of The Great Gatsby?

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Catherine is described as slender, having a "sticky bob of red hair" that is "solid" (she used lots of hairspray), and a complexion that was powdered "milky white".  She had plucked eyebrows that were then penciled on her face at a "rakish" angle.  Her personality traits were that she was a gossip and like her sister, Myrtle, she was shallow.  She talked of Gatsby, spreading unsubstantiated stories about him, thus making her a gossip.  Nick says that when she walked into the apartment, she had such an air of ownership, that he thought she might live there thus showing her devotion to things.  Also, she callously asks her sister why on earth she married George Wilson, a man with nothing.  Catherine is also not very smart.  She thinks that Myrtle and Tom would get married if it weren't for Daisy's religiuos faith. That is, of course, absurd - Tom would never marry a woman like Myrtle.

Mr. McKee is described as being a "pale, feminine" man.  He was freshly shaved (a spot of lather remained on his face). Mrs. McKee is described as "shrill, languid, handsome, and horrible", so while she might be attractive physically, she wasn't attractive in her personality.  She is haughty and shallow as are most of the people in the apartment in Chapter 2.  Mr. McKee is much quieter than his wife.  He even falls asleep in the apartment during the party.  He's a photographer and sees himself as artistic.  His main purpose in attending the party at Tom's and Myrtle's apartment is to ingratiate himself with Tom so that Tom will throw some business his way.  Mr. McKee suggests to Tom, at one point, that someone give him a start on work on Long Island.

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