What are 15 main events in the novel Monster by Walter Dean Myers?

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Here are 15 main events in Monster by Walter Dean Myers:

  1. Sixteen-year-old Steve Harmon finds himself in jail and is filled with fear and loneliness. Since nothing seems real to him, he decides that writing a screenplay is an appropriate way to record this experience.

  2. Steve titles his movie Monster as a reaction to how he has been treated since being accused of involvement in a murder.

  3. Steve’s lawyer, Kathy O’Brien, informs him that he and James King are being charged with felony murder and that the prosecution is seeking the death penalty.

  4. Sandra Petrocelli, the prosecutor, calls a series of witnesses to discredit Steve and James King and prove that they are guilty.

  5. The details of the crime are presented in court: On December 23rd, Aguinaldo Nesbitt, owner of a Harlem drugstore, was killed after a fight broke out when two young men, James King and Richard Evans, attempted to rob his store. Nesbitt pulled a gun to defend himself, it went off when he and Evans fought over it, and Nesbitt died....

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