What are 10 major events in Monster, the book by Walter Dean Myers?

Major events in the novel Monster are Steve's decision to write his trial into a screenplay, the proving of his innocence, and the reaction of his father and lawyer to his not-guilty verdict.

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While in prison awaiting trial, Steve decides to write a screenplay based on his trial.

We find out that Steve is on trial for his involvement in the robbery of a drugstore and the subsequent murder of its owner. The prosecution are accusing Steve of acting as the lookout.

Steve's lawyer, O'Brien, tells her client that her goal is to make the jury see Steve as an individual and not as a black teenager from the hard streets of Harlem.

Steve's father visits him in prison and tells him that he thought his son would become a football player. He never once considered that he would be on trial for murder.

In a series of cuts, we see Steve's initial reaction to hearing about the arrests of his friends and acquaintances. At one point, he states that he is "staring straight ahead, mouth open, in absolute shock."

Steve states to the reader that he walked into the drugstore and bought some mints but that he didn't kill the shopkeeper, Mr. Nesbitt.

Bobo, one of the robbers, tells the court that Steve...

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