What are the archetypes used in the movie, The Matrix?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Matrix possesses many archetypes that can be analyzed.  One of these archetypes is the hero.  Neo is an example of the heroic archetype, the anomaly who is outside of his social order, yet is also the only person capabale of saving it.  The heroic journey is also present.  The archetypal journey in which the hero must strive to fully understand their capacity as a hero and whether or not they are "the one" is something that is developed in great detail in the film.  Neo spends much of the film continually wondering if he is "the one" and how he will be able to be "the one."  The archetype of an advisor or counseling figure for the hero is embodied in the role of Morpheus, who never wavers in his belief that Neo is "the one."