What are the archetypes for the quote "Spiteful and wrathful,who,as others do, love for his own ends, not for you" (III,V,12-13) from Macbeth?

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amymc eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An archetype is a universally accepted response or conceptualization to a given type of character, situation, even color that occurs throughout time and culture.

Archetypally, this quote refers to the wanderer, or even the Prodigal Son.  Hecate, here, refers, to Macbeth as the "wayward son."  In most mythology, the son returns home after experiencing loss and pain and is welcomed with open arms.  As we know, this fate does not happen to Macbeth.

Another archetype might be that of Hecate, the mistress of all witches.  She clearly states that she will be leading Macbeth to his destruction, so we know she is evil.  Thus, her archetypal character could be that of the evil mother, even the villain.

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