What is April's nickname given to her by Ken and Toby? 

Expert Answers

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Melanie is worried about starting school because she fears that April will not make friends easily in sixth grade. April is quirky, and although Melanie gets along well with her because they both have creative imaginations, she doesn't think the other sixth graders will accept April's idiosyncrasies. When Ken and Toby gave April the nickname "February," Melanie "knew everything would be all right." Some nicknames are teasing and have a hurtful tone to them. This nickname, however, isn't a belligerent way of calling someone by an unfriendly name; rather, it is an innocuous—even friendly—way of rubbing April the wrong way without meaning to be unkind. It's like the greetings Melanie's father gives April when she comes over, saying that "the cruelest month is here." It acknowledges April's unique name and personage without calling out any of her quirks in an unflattering way. The nickname Ken and Toby give April shows that they accept her—at least, as much as they accept any girl their age.

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