What is Apple's business model for the release of so many Ipads models,  Do some of the models appeal to business users?Is there a corporate audience for the Ipads? support conclusions.

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Great question. Here are some preliminary points you need to consider. First, there are many different models of ipads (3 of them), but they are essentially the same in terms of functionality. They differ in the amount of memory and the ability to have 3G connectivity. Second, these differences are not so much geared towards business or non-business. Third, Apple, as a company, traditionally has not appealed to business uses. Other companies have done this, such as IBM, Palm, and Blackberry.

With those things said, Apple has recently come to realize that there is a market for business applications. This is why they have many more business programs for the ipad, which they advertise prominently on their website. They are also joining forces with Verizon in an effort to not only gain more market share, but also to break into more business uses. Now with the ipad, there will be instant connectivity through two major carriers. Finally, I suspect, that they will come up with a new ipad that is smaller, faster, and has video conferencing capabilities, which other companies have, like Samsung.

merv | Student

There are different models of ipads which differ in memory capcity. The company sells their products through it's online stores, retail stores,direct sale and third party wholesale resellers.The customer base of Apple varies from normal customer ,small and mid sized business ,education ,enterprise and government.