What appears to be the aspirations of the students in this novel? 

Expert Answers
mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Many of the students are from large families and feel that they "should already be at work to help ease the financial strain on their parents," so they do not aspire to high-level jobs (Ch. 11). There are factories and small shops and "barrows" in their neighborhood where the students will probably work once they are out of school. Denham, for instance, decides to be a "barrow-boy.

In Chapter 22, the district Youth Employment Officer comes to the school to talk with the students about employment opportunities in clothing and furniture factories. Some wanted to work with other members of their family; however, others desired to be "juniors in offices." Seales is accepted for apprenticeship with a large electrical engineering firm in Middlesex; Fernman is hired as a messenger at Cable and Wireless, Ltd. Tich Johnson can be a page at a large hotel; Pamela Dare and Barbara will work for a dressmaker.