What are Antonio Marez's feelings, dreams, and hopes in the book Bless Me Ultima?

Expert Answers
MaudlinStreet eNotes educator| Certified Educator

All of these focus around Antonio's central conflict, which is choosing the path to follow in life. He exists between two different worlds: that of the Marezes, & that of the Lunas. As a Marez, he would be free to roam, like the sea, using the land to survive, but always moving. That is the life of the vaquero. Yet as a Luna, he would be a farmer, with a life intimately tied to the cycles of the land.On top of this, his mother wishes him to be a priest, fulfilling a prophecy of the Luna family.

His dream is to unite these separate desires into one. Somehow, he wants to be able to please everyone, while at the same time finding the meaning of God for himself. That is the final piece eluding him in the story: what is the nature of God, & how does He fit into Antonio's life? All of these answers come together under the teachings of Ultima. Through her guidance, Antonio is able to discover the nature of his own spirituality, as well as reconcile the competing influences on his life.