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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An antenuptial agreement is essentially the same thing as a prenuptial agreement.  This is an agreement that is made by two people who are planning to get married.  These are agreements that typically specify what will happen if the two people eventually get divorced.

Prenuptial agreements are more common in some types of marriages than others.  They are, for example, more common if one of the people getting married is very rich and the other is not.  They are also common if one or both of the people who is getting married have children from previous marriages.  In the first case, the parties may want to specify how much the non-rich partner would get in a divorce settlement.  This might put the richer partner’s mind at ease by reassuring them that they are not being married for their money.  In the second case, the partners might want to set out the terms of a potential divorce because the various children would complicate things if a divorce were contested.  They might also want to specify how one or both partner’s assets would be split up if he or she died. 

Antenuptial agreements, then, are agreements signed before marriage that set out what rights each partner has to the other’s property.