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Hi, Jayson,

There are a lot of ways to solve this.  Let's try this.

First, consider when one calculates a discount price:

Original price - amount of discount = discount price

The amount of discount is how much was taken off.  The discount price is what the selling price was after the discount.

Now, to calculate the amount of a discount, we would multiply the original price by the percent discount.  So, for this problem:

amount of discount = 0.10x           0.10 comes from the 10%

                                                    always move the decimal point

                                                    2 places to the left

We are taking x = original price of the item.

So, then, our equation becomes:

x - 0.10x = discount price

We are given the discount price, $97.40.  So, then, we have:

x - 0.10x = 97.40

Solving this for x:

0.90x = 97.40

x = approx. $108.22 is the discounted price.

Good luck, Jayson.  I hope this helps.

Till Then,


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