What is the answer for question 5.a) http://postimg.org/image/v5kc6rfpp/

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The question states: Find the slope of the secant to the curve defined by `f(x)=0.25(4)^x-2`
Between 0 and 1
Between 0 and 0.5
Between 0 and 0.1
Between 0 and 0.01


The slope of the secant line is defined by `m=(f(x_1)-f(x_0))/(x_1-x_0)`
So between 0 and 1 we have `((0.25*4-2)-(0.25*4^0-2))/1=(1-2-0.25+2)=0.75`  
We repeat the same work for the rest. The answers will be:





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