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aaron4president | Student

 It is a very important theory when it comes to international affairs is recognized as the beginning of the international system. The Westphalia system is used to describe the system of states which make up the world today. This theory was created many years ago (around 365 years ago) and used to have its own rules and regulations back then. The world and how the world works isn’t the same as it was many years ago. Markets, Trading and other prosperous ventures have a constant change on this planet and it is mandatory that every aspect of this world has to be on the same track to keep up. So following the original principles of the Peace of Westphalia will be quite challenging in the current era. The international principles have to adapt to the change, if all of them were stay original as the Peace of Westphalia, then famous international organizations today, such as United Nations and European Union would not be the same anymore, they would be following rules that were created 365 years ago and would not notice the change in the current society. It is good that what the current international organizations are following, they are adapting to change and are focusing on whatever might bring prosperity and economic growth.