Tactical operational activities involve making decisions in a business management model. What aspect, however, do tactical operations NOT cover?

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Tactical operational activities within the typical business management model entail the establishments of STEPS to a process that will have to occur in order to implement a strategy. 

Strategies are interventions that need to occur in a business to make the changes that need to be made to make it better. Therefore, tactical operational activities include, for example:

  • material requirement planning
  • location of facilities
  • inventory and project management

All of these factors require input from many sources within the business organization and are often put together by a team with representatives of different aspects of the business: the budget officer, the PR team, the purchasing officer, and many others. These are the typical business management tactics designed toward the implementation of a strategy for change and betterment of an organization. 

However, other factors such as scheduling, evaluating, observing, or giving feedback are not necessarily tactics, but expected outcomes of a typical business operation. 


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