What is the answer for question 2? `((x^(a-b))^(a+b))/(x^b^2)` http://postimg.org/image/4xw6e2z3r/

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator


The rules of exponents tell us to multiply the exponents when they are bracketed in this way

`therefore= x^((a-b)(a+b))/ (x^b^2)`

`therefore =(x^(a^2-b^2))/(x^b^2)`

The rules of exponents tell us to subtract the exponents when the base is the same  (in this case our base is `x` and we have a division. (If it was a multiplication, we would have added the exponents)

`therefore = ` `x^(a^2-b^2-b^2)`

Note how the exponent of x (`x^(b^2)` ) has been subtracted.

`therefore =x^(a^2-2b^2)` 

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`therefore = x^(a^2-2b^2)`