What is the answer for the following Case Study?: http://postimg.org/image/5yc88ezir/ The link below is information related to the question http://ccol.algonquincollege.com/mgt2320/lesson-6/lesson-content/

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A case study is a form of descriptive research that looks at one (or several) individual cases to see if the hypothesis of the case study is correct. Within a case study data can be collected through direct observation, surveys, interviews, tests and examinations of past data.

Within the case study presented you are looking at a sports memorabilia company that creates 3-D images of athletes for promotional materials.  They are seeking to develop a new manufacturing facility that meets their needs and allows them to grow. To create a hypothesis for this situation in order to guide data collection you will want to state what you propose is the correct amount of space they need to grow into and provide support for why you believe this.  You can then use data from their current facilities to project how they will outgrow their current space and project how much space they will need. You can use the data the business already has collected to support this projection as well as interviews and surveys from the owners and employees to create the most effective space.

In order to determine cost effectiveness you can project building and running costs and compare this to what it will cost them to continue to operate in the current facility (or how much money they could lose in lost manufacturing abilities).

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