In the story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, what answer did Katrina give Ichabod the night of the party?

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In the story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, by Washington Irvin, the big party that you are referring to takes place in the household of the Van Tassum family. This is a very rich family of merchants and is, perhaps, the richest of the city.

When Ichabod is invited, he asks for Baltus Van Tassum. The answer that he gets comes from Katrina, who identifies herself and explainsto him that she is Baltus's daughter. Other than that short exchange of words, Ichabod really isnot in the position to ask any more questions to Katrina, especially personal questions. He, however, becomes enthralled with her and quickly sees her as the love of his life.

However, Katrina knows that Ichabod is awkward and uses his company only to make Brom, the town's beefcake, jealous. In the end she actually marries Brom and Ichabod's disappearance remains a mystery.

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