What is another word for: 1) gently pulled: _u_g_ _ 2)The use of magic/spells: _ _r c_ _ _ 3) An antibiotic: _ _ _ _ c_ l  l _ _ 4) Having no effect: _ _ _ f f_ _t_a_ 5) Make quick movements: _w_ _ c _ _ _ _ 6) Porch: _e r _ _ _ a_ 7) Argue: _ u _ _ r _ l 8) Poisonous: t _ _ _ c 9) Break into pieces: d _ s _ _t _ _r _ t _ 10) Recurring fear: p _ o b _ _

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You might be able to find all of the answers from posters here.  I will be able to give some of them, while others could give the rest.  Gently pulled, would be "tugged."  "Sorcery" is the use of magic/ spells, while "Penicillin" would be the antibiotic in question.  "Ineffectual" can mean having no effect whatsoever, while a "veranda" is a porch.  "Toxic" would be poisonous while fears can be described as "phobias."  In terms of solving them, I think that familiarity with language would be critical, as it allows individuals to be able to use their own prior knowledge in solving it.  I also think being able to work through a thesaurus or book of synonyms might also help.  If this is not available, using the internet might be a good guide to help here.

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I notice that you tagged this with the word "symptoms."  Just to be sure you know, that is not the right word to use in this case.  Symptoms are the signs of a sickness.  What you are asking for is synonyms.  These are words that mean the same thing, or nearly the same thing, as another word.

  1. Tugged --
  2. Sorcery
  3. Penicillin
  4. Ineffectual
  5. Hmmm.. my best guess here is "twitching."  It fits the letters and blanks that you give, but is not correct (gramatically) for the clue.
  6. Verandah
  7. Quarrel
  8. toxic
  9. disintegrate
  10. phobia
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