What is another literary character from film or literature who compares to Tom Buchanan in The Great Gatsby in personality and physical qualities? 

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Tom is the villain in The Great Gatsby. So, start by selecting villains from other novels and films.

More specifically, Tom is a former athlete, a bully, a racist, he cheats on his wife, and he generally considers himself better than most people because of his rich, privileged position. Consider characters who fit some of these descriptions.

One character that fits many of these traits is Napoleon from Animal Farm. He is a "fierce-looking Berkshire boar" and one who has "a reputation for getting his own way," descriptions that make him sound like a brute: quite similar to Tom's physique which is described as, "It was a body capable of enormous leverage — a cruel body." (Chapter 1) Both Tom and Napoleon consider themselves privileged, better than most. They both use this false sense of self worth to bully and wield power over others.




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