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Animalism in philosophy seeks to explain the human personal identity. This concept suggests that we exist in the same condition as animals. Animalism also contends that we belong to the primate species of Homo sapiens.

Animalism answers questions which seek to describe our existence and character as human beings. Basically, animalists suggest that human beings are animals and we conform to similar biological conditions which determine our nature. Animalism further suggests that human beings as animals only remain alive for as long as they are able to conduct the life sustaining biological and physical processes such as breathing.

According to John Locke, animalism also explains the issue of human superiority. Locke included the “person” aspect within the animalism concept to aid in explaining man’s superiority over animals, while still maintaining mans animal nature. He explained that a person who is a body constituent of man is an intelligent being with the abilities of self awareness, reflection and reason.