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pacorz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

All animals that reproduce sexually use meiosis. Meiosis is the process of cell division that creates gametes, which are commonly called egg and sperm cells. Egg cells are created by meiosis in the ovaries, while sperm are created by meiosis in the testes.

Meiosis is a form of cell division that results in four haploid daughter cells, each with a single copy of each chromosome. When egg and sperm unite in the process of fertilization, the embryo is diploid, meaning that it has two copies of each chromosome. This is the normal condition for most animal cells with the exception of gametes.

mbio | Student

Meiosis is cell division for the production of sex cells, such as sperm and egg in animals or pollen grains and egg egg cells of plants, so any member of the animal or plant kingdom would be an example-dog or cat or human.

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