What is Animal Farm about at its simplest level? 

Expert Answers
rrteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At its most basic level, Animal Farm is about the corrupting effects of power. The animals' rebellion, which is portrayed as completely justified, leads to a society which has the best possible goals. The animals hope to establish not just independence from human rule, but complete equality. Yet from the very beginning, we see that this aim has been compromised, as the pigs, who led the revolution, gradually arrogate more power and privilege to themselves. Because they are intelligent and able to manipulate the other animals, they are able to justify their position with little criticism. As the book goes on, the pigs are guilty of many of the same abuses that Jones and the humans did. They sell Boxer off to the knacker, force the hens to give up their eggs, save the best food and drink for themselves, and even begin wearing human clothes and walking on all fours. As the book ends, the pigs are so corrupted by power that they are physically indistinguishable from the humans.