What is Animal Farm about?

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Animal Farm is about the dangers of Marxist teachings, using a farm as a metaphorical country. When the "glorious revolution" takes place, the animals (citizens) join in working hard to benefit all, thinking that their newly appointed co-equal leaders will implement laws that work in favor of all people equally. However, as time goes on, the pigs (new leaders) take more while working less, using military strength and the public fear of "returning to the old ways" to stay in power. The concept of equality becomes less important than the official government position; public executions of "sympathizers" help to quell rebellious feelings. Eventually, Marxist leadership becomes dictatorship, with a small selected class ruling over the working class through fear, brutality, and intimidation.

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Animal Farm is usually described as being a book about communism, its strengths and weaknesses. If you consider the animals to have human nature, it is clear in the book that complete equality is impossible because there are always animals (people) that will take advantage of the system to come out ahead of others.  The book is about animals, but it asks the reader to see the barnyard as if it were a world filled with people.



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