What does Andy volunteer to do at school?

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On the face of it, it appears that Andy has gotten over the trauma of losing his friend Robbie in an auto wreck. To the outside world, he's always smiling and cheerful, which convinces his parents, his teachers, and the counselor at the Outpatient Psych Center that he's adjusting to life after the accident. He even volunteers to be the M.C. at the school talent show, acting the fool on stage: rapping, dancing, and generally having a good time. All in all, it seems that Andy's mental health is improving.

But his girlfriend, Keisha, knows better. She knows just how depressed he really is. He regularly calls her up in a depressed state, asking her questions like, "What do you think it feels like to be dead?" and, "If I died, would you miss me?" Andy may be the life and soul of the party at the school talent contest, but he's simply masking the emotional pain he's still suffering.

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