What were Andrew Jackson strengths? 

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Andrew Jackson was a forceful leader from the West, which back then meant Tennessee.  He had an impressive military record against the Creek Indians at Horseshoe Bend and the unnecessary yet popular Battle of New Orleans.  He had common man appeal--he had little formal education and purportedly slept on the ground with his troops as an officer during the War of 1812.  As president, he challenged the Eastern establishment and vetoed many bills, most famously the Bank Bill of 1832 which would have reauthorized the national bank.  He catered to his Western base by allowing the Trail of Tears to happen, thus sending native groups west and opening up a land rush in Georgia.  He also put an end to the Nullification Crisis by threatening to lead the army into South Carolina if that state seceded, thus avoiding a Civil War in America thirty years before it actually happened.  He was the head of the Democratic party and managed to get his Vice President Martin Van Buren elected after Jackson served two terms.  Politicians before the Civil War, both Democrat and Whig, copied elements of his political campaign by trying to appeal to the common man and making their candidate appear folksy.  

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