What does Andrea think of the "tricks" that realtors use to convince a client to buy a house? What are some of the "tricks" she uses?

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Andrea views the "tricks" that real estate agents use to help sell a house as good, valuable, and useful tactics.  She herself uses the tricks in order to make a house seem more appealing to prospective buyers.  

Andrea uses a variety of tricks to help buyers see a prospective property as "quite special."  The text tells readers that she will frequently light a fire in the fireplace.  Presumably this tactic will make the house feel more cozy and inviting.  She will put pretty flowers in a pitcher in the kitchen, or Andrea will use special aroma drops that vaporize from the heat of a lamp bulb to make the entire house smell clean and fresh.  Andrea has even gone so far as to bring her dog and dog bowl to a house that is being looked at by someone that is an animal lover. Her favorite trick item is a bowl that she places in a key area in each house.  She believes that the bowl brings her luck when she is selling a property because it is a perfect balance of "both subtle and noticeable."