What is Joyce Carol Oates's short story "...& Answers" about?

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The story "...& Answers" is a tale of psychology, trauma, healing, and repression. The unnamed protagonist in the story is dealing with the trauma of her father's death, and she begins attending sessions with a therapist to deal with the emotions that she experiences and is repressing.

Throughout her sessions, she confronts some of these repressed emotions and begins trying to work through her issues after her father's death. She feels particularly abandoned by her father because they had issues growing close in his life, and then he left for his surgery while lying to his family and saying that he was going fishing. Because of this, the protagonist feels a sense of abandonment and anger, which she ends up projecting on all men in her life. This leads to her lack of success with relationships, and confronting it in therapy helps her overcome it.

Joyce Carol Oates's short story "...& Answers " is about a woman who believes wholeheartedly in male superiority to the complete detriment of...

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