Discuss the relationship between Winston and Julia in Part1 and Part 2 in Orwell's work, 1984?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the relationship between both Winston and Julia represents the dichotomy between hopes and reality.  On one hand, the relationship is depicted as one that represents a source of potential hope and redemption for both.  It is a refuge from the numbing reality under Big Brother.  It is a realm that is distinct from the control of The Party, and I think that both Winston and Julia recognize a realm that is distinct from the public domain.  Yet, with the arrest of each and the betrayal that follows, there is a brutal undercutting of dreams.  In the moment of betrayal through the use of the other's deepest fears, the renouncing brings to light that all are controlled by Big Brother.  When both see one another in the park with the numbing admittance that both betrayed the other, the reality that confronts them and all of the citizens of Oceania is that there is no relief, no absolution from Big Brother.  This is where hopes and promises are undercut by reality and control.  In this vision, personal redemption comes second to public domination.