What analysis of religion can be deduced through the state motto in the Aldous Huxley's novel Brave New World? The motto: (identity,community and stability)

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The state's motto is first shown in a shield on the main entrance of the Hatchery building, which is "squat" and "grey" (1). The three words that encompass the motto are first, community; second, identity; and third, stability. One can reasonably infer that these words are equal in importance to the government and adopted by the people. Community represents everyone within a whole and that the whole is more important than the individual. With that in mind, the next word, identity, should not be made synonymous with any one individual. Identity in this case refers to the clearly defined boundaries and identity of the community and not the separate individuals found therein. Finally, stability is the reason and the goal for this society's way of life. The society finds stability by manipulating, conditioning, and drugging its citizens into living a life without pain or too much responsibility. There is no religion, or religious reference, in this motto. Religion does come up as the society "prays" to Henry Ford and swears "Oh! Ford" in stead of "Oh! Lord!" at different times throughout the novel; but, the as far as the motto is concerned, there isn't any religion in this society.

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