How is Joseph Storm cruel and deeply religious in The Chrysalids?

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For Joseph Strorm, his way is the only way.  His father established the rules of Waknuk, declaring anyone unfit who does not fit their narrow view of the world.

Joseph Strorm is the heir to Waknuk because it was founded by his father.  Both men are of one mind when it comes to the religious views.

David reflects on his father’s role in the community when he thinks about his first encounter with Sophie the girl with six toes.

David Strorm, the son of Joseph Strorm, of all people, who had seen her foot. (ch 3)

David realizes that Sophie’s father was tempted to kill him because “a dead boy could break no promise” and he knows that David’s father is tyrannically religious.

Angus describes him as “a flinty-souled pedant, and bigoted well beyond reason” (ch 4).  He does not have a problem turning his own wife’s sister away because her baby has some minor defect.  He beats David severely when he accidentally comments that he could tie a bandage if he had another hand.

Joseph seems to have no problem turning out a member of his own family.  When David arrives in the Fringes, he meets his uncle.  The uncle was thrown out because someone decided his arm was not the right length.  He is completely cold-hearted.



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How are David and Joseph Storm similar in the novel, "The Chrysalids."

thelthel | Student

Joseph Storm is cold-hearted. The hearth was made of “solid stone blocks”. The big room’s floor was also made of pieces of brick and “stone and artificial stone” nicely fitted together. Stones are representation of hardness and coldness. What material Joseph used for the floor of almost his entire house, which in this case is the stones, reflects his cold and strong heart. The decoration in the house was a number of “wooden panels” with “sayings”. Instead of using such as landscape or beautiful pictures as decorations for the house, Joseph used panels with sayings suggests his rejection or dislike to fancy stuffs. Besides, wood can symbolize as having hard or no feeling at all. Furthermore, although he is related to Angus Morton who owned a farm next to him, he did not have a friendly relationship with him. In fact, David mentioned that having the farms next to each other “annoyed” Joseph Storm for he could “scarcely agree” about anything with Angus Morton This emphasises that he couldn't stand of the simple thing like Angus’s farm located next to his and also his cold behavior even to people related to him. The ways and the things he used to decorate his house and his unfriendliness to Angus shows that Joseph Storm is a cold-hearted man. The ways and the things he used to decorate his house and his unfriendliness to Angus shows that Joseph Storm is a cold-hearted man.


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